Reliable TV & Radio Compliance Recording with unique content monitoring functionality

The Contentprobe compliance logging software and hardware range provides highly reliable, fully automated browse recordings of TV or radio signals. Browse proxies can be accessed immediately using a standard desktop PC by multiple users. Material can be reviewed almost instantly at any Windows Desktop, and sections exported to DVD, tape or distributed by email or FTP. A comprehensive solution to satisfy your regulatory compliance recording needs.

Key features

Each IRU TV recorder has inputs for upto 16 TV channels and the radio recorder has up to 32 radio channels in a single 1U chassis (including up to 1440 days internal browse storage) saving valuable rack space. Combine hundreds channels in the same system. Unique automatic input signal monitoring, powerful schedule/EPG integration, viewing and instant rewind/review of live stream or stored material. Automatic regulatory recordings and viewing at the desktop.

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Professional compliance recording at reasonable prices.

New - ASI, TSoIP and DVB input formats, loudness data, viewer ratings, multi channel audio, Dolby support and now even more channels in a unit.

Compliance recording from under £1600 per channel including 90 days storage and fault detection.

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