Contentprobe Compliance

Contentprobe Compliance leads the way in regulatory compliance recording of radio and television programmes. View and monitor a multitude of live and recorded programmes via the station network on standard workstations and laptops. Review and extract media from anywhere in the world via a standard web user interface.


  • Video
  • Audio – including multi-language & Dolby
  • Subtitles Text, DVB, OP47 etc
  • Access services, audio description, closed captioning
  • Metadata such as schedules, programme guides (EPG) audience ratings

Contentprobe Revenue

Contentprobe Revenue uses our patented Media FingerPrinting technology to monitor service delivery in multi-channel environments. Protect revenue and reduce costs by automatically monitoring from ingest to off-air and checking for correct video, audio, access services and subtitle content. Check for signal faults including lipsync.

  • Protect revenue – minimise outages and SLA penalties
  • Reduce cost and complexity – automatic multi-channel content monitoring
  • Improve quality of service – check video, audio, subtitles and access services.
  • Lipsync and signal fault detection – provides real-time alerts

Contentprobe Detect

Contentprobe Detect is a professional content protection service provided from our fully managed broadcast centre. Content owners simply deposit reference video clips with Contentprobe Detect and these are automatically fingerprinted. Contentprobe Detect then scans selected TV channels to identify precisely when and where the licenced content is being used. Confirms authorised usage and automatically searches for evidence of pirating.

  • Detect usage of content across multiple channels
  • Report pirated material, even if dubbed into other languages
  • Automated usage reports
  • Daily transmission reports
  • Real-time web alerts

Over 80% of our customers continue to buy Contentprobes from us.

We are easy to do business with.

All this and more with Contentprobe

  • High channel density – up to 16 channels with internal RAID 10 storage in 1RU
  • Green – small rack space, low power, low heat
  • No annual licence fees – all our software licences are perpetual, only one up-front fee
  • Architected for easy expansion – add channels when needed by software licence key
  • Resilient – Dual PSUs, dual processors and RAID 10 fully mirrored internal storage
  • Redundant – Cost effective 1:1 redundancy where needed
  • Intelligent Storage Manager – manages network attached standard IT storage as if it was internal
  • World class support – together with system health monitoring via ‘ProbeMonitor’ IPMI based monitoring of all Contentprobes